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Re: [egit-dev] Patch Feature

Hello Matthias,

thank you very much. This was exactly what we were looking for. As we found no Patch operation in the .op source folder and no "Create Patch" in the Team Menu, we assumed it was not implemented yet. We didn't consider checking the history view.
So, sorry for my superfluous question, we should have checked the user guide better. Thank you again.

best regards,

Am 25.11.2010 11:09, schrieb Matthias Sohn:
2010/11/25 Jan Finis <finis@xxxxxxxxx>

I am a developer from an eclipse project that uses eclipse team providers to allow tracking source code change information and attaching it to the CASE workflow. Our project works by having adapters for all major team providers (currently CVS and SVN). The adapters automatically query those team providers to create (unified diff) patches. Those patches are then added to the CASE processes.

However, it seems that EGit is still missing the feature of creating patches. I couldn't find it in the team menu. I have also searched the mailing lists and bug trackers. It appears that this topic was already discussed often.
I know that manually creating patches in unified diff does not match the common git workflow, however, it is a useful feature for many other aspects (like our project). Adding it would help EGit getting a fully featured team provider.

However, I couldn't find if it is already (partly) implemented. Can you tell me how far this process is or which steps are missing? If already classes for this exist in EGit/JGit, could you tell me which those are. If only small things are missing, we could also contribute the missing code to the EGit project.

Have a look in the user guide [1]. Maybe that's what you are looking for...

The wizard is implemented in GitCreatePatchWizard [2] from its

performFinish() method you'll find your way into JGit's underlying 

diff machinery.


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