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[egit-dev] RFC: Synchronize view - is it useful this way ?

Hi all,

I've push new patch set in change Ib838a6c8[0]. generally it adds two things:
* project's context menu 'Team -> Synchronize with...' action
* new dialog that gives possibility of choosing with which repository
and branch/tag we want to synchronize.

I'm not sure about this new dialog and I want to know yours opinions.
And propositions how we can improve user experience with

Currently few features doesn't work eg.:
* synchronizing with local tags
* 'save as default' (in this case I want to set project's default
repository and ref name, with user can synchronize using 'Team ->
Synchronize with default'
* 'manage repo'

I'm looking forward for yours feed back ;)

Best regards

GSM: +48 695 192 160

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