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Re: [egit-dev] Manifest Source References

The idea is to make it easier for people to obtain the sources for contributing patches etc. Ideally we want to have the URL of a publicly readable repository, such as the one advertised on the (non- committer) page.

The URL was designed to be backwardly compatible with Maven URLs so we should follow that if at all possible. I suggest we aim for an scm:git: prefix - though it might make sense to use an http: protocol instead of git (e.g. scm:git: once we get smart http support on the Eclipse infrastructure, since this is more widely available to those behind http proxies.

We shouldn't use a committer URL here - instead, committers can map the public anonymous URL to their own private URL if needed.

We may need to think about how we handle a git repository with one project vs many, and use the approach of the CVS one to add information like ;project=Foo on the end.


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On 16 May 2010, at 09:47, Thomas Hallgren <thomas@xxxxxxx> wrote:

In 3.6M7, PDE introduced a new feature called source references [1]. PDE build generates those using an IFetchFactory which is supposedly implemented by the repository provider. At present, I think only CVS has this. It ties in with the PDE map files and can be used by the eclipse.fetch ant-task and is now also extended to provide the source reference.

In Buckminster, we do a similar thing, but when generating the source reference, we deduct the actual location using the RepositoryProvider for the plug-in that is built.

It all makes sense when using a centralized repository approach such as CVS, SVN, or p4. With Git however, it gets slighlty more complicated so I though I'd ask your opinion. What reference should be generated and put in the manifest? A reference to your local git clone doesn't make much sense. Would it be useful to always try and deduct the remote repository (the default that's used when doing a push or pull) and use that? Have you been given this any thought?

How will egit pull the source for an individual project and put it in the workspace when confronted with a source reference?

Thomas Hallgren


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