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[egit-dev] RE: [master] Change I5c40e237: (egit) Add compatibility with gitignore specifications

Charley Wang (Code Review) [mailto:codereview-daemon@xxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> I can't seem to git push review... I've attached the patches to bring
> ignore into jgit on the Eclipse bug, along with tests:
Regarding your push problems to gerrit:
- is the public SSH key you are using known to gerrit [1] ?
- gerrit requires the author and the committer identity lines in a Git 
  commit object (or tagger line in an annotated tag) to match one of the 
  registered email addresses [2] of the uploading user (see [3] for the details). 
- is your remote "review" correctly configured ? Find your user name here [2]
  My remote configuration for jgit looks like this (in jgit/.git/config):
      [remote "review"]
          url = ssh://<your user name>
          push = HEAD:refs/for/master

> Please let me know if there are any inefficiencies I should clean up.
The license headers for your jgit change need to be changed from EPL to EDL 
(see )

> Should I commit the EGit changes that use the new JGit patch at the
> same time?

Push your EGit changes to gerrit and add a review comment that this change
depends on jgit change,<your-jgit-change-number> 
Then we know that the change should only be submitted to master when
the underlying jgit change has reached master.


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