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[egit-dev] FW: [Bug 294784] Restructure EGit

technology.egit will be split into technology.egit and technology.jgit 
to make the difference in project license (EPL vs. EDL) more explicit.

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Subject: [Bug 294784] Restructure EGit  
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--- Comment #18 from Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2009-12-07 23:01:58 EST ---
Shawn, please complete an NPPR [1] for a new technology.jgit project. On behalf
of the EMO, I am waiving the requirement for a second proposal period and
creation review. A second "JGit", project should have been created at the
outset and this action will correct that oversight. It is my opinion that the
technology.jgit project *must* be created to enable JGit development to follow
the EDP. Further, it is my opinion that the project, the project's committers,
the community, and the eco-system will not be provided with any value by a
formal proposal and creation/move review.

Please set the project name to "technology.jgit", the top-level project to
"technology.jgit". Please also provide a committer list that is a subset of the
current set of EGit committers (please do not add any new committers at this

If you wish to have additional mailing lists, Bugzilla components, or what-not,
please feel free to specify that information. Please let Webmaster know, via a
comment on this bug, if you want to use the same website for the JGit and EGit

For completeness... Webmaster,this project does not need a new CVS or SVN

Once the provisioning is complete, please inform Sharon Corbett of the CQs that
need to move from EGit to JGit.

Please let me know if you require any assistance in making any of this happen.




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