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Re: [egit-dev] tycho build

Igor Fedorenko <ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Shawn O. Pearce wrote:
>> Igor Fedorenko <ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I took longer than I hoped, but I finally got some time to try to upload
>>> my changes to gerrit... and I am not sure if it worked that well.
>> Can you elaborate on "if it worked that well"?
> I have to admit I just started learning git, so I don't really know what
> is the expected behaviour here. I managed to get multiple "git push" of
> jgit repository into one gerrit change via magic of git commit --amend
> and Change-Id. Single "git push" of egit repo, however, resulted in
> multiple changes in gerrit and I don't know if I did something wrong on
> my end or if this is correct and expected behaviour.

Yea, looking at the patch series its not what we'd call a "clean"
series.  There's unnecesary merge commits, and some of those commits
probably should be squashed together.

Using Git isn't like most other SCMs, so its usually an interesting
learning curve for new users.


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