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Re: [egit-dev] tycho build

On 2009-12-05, at 12:59 PM, Shawn O. Pearce wrote:

> Igor Fedorenko <ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I took longer than I hoped, but I finally got some time to try to upload
>> my changes to gerrit... and I am not sure if it worked that well.
> Can you elaborate on "if it worked that well"?
>> Anyways, I think my changes to jgit are in [1] and my changes to egit in
>> [2]. To use this, you will need maven 3.0-alpha-5 or newer available
>> from [3].
> Thanks, I'll check them out.
>> I only tested this on Linux, but it should build on Windows without any
>> changes. Egit build will most likely fail on OSX, but I don't have a
>> system to test and will let Jason fix OSX build ;-)
> JGit does not pass tests on Mac OS X under Maven.  The same tests
> run fine when run from the Eclipse JUnit runner on Mac OS X, and
> pass on Linux.
> The failing tests are all encoding related.  This situation has
> been going on for a long time, longer than we have been hosted at
>  Although I carry a Mac OS X laptop, I have no idea
> what the hell is wrong with the tests...
> So Jason will likely have a bit of an uphill battle here, as simply
> skipping the test is a bad idea.

Sure, just tell me where to pull from and I'll fix it. Skipping the tests isn't acceptable.

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> Shawn.
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