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Re: [egit-dev] Bug 296187

"Sohn, Matthias" <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Mykola, Shawn:
> This bug lists changes for JGit and EGit
> The corresponding changes have been merged but the bug is not closed.

That's because the two changes didn't include a "Bug: nnn\n" line
in their commit messages, so I assumed there was no bug associated.
So I didn't try to search for one, or close it.  I just don't have
that kind of time... and this is why Robin and I don't like opening
bugs for stuff that's just quicker to write the code for.  :-)

> I guess this bug needs to be split in order to keep clean IP logs for
> JGit and EGit which are under different license. Since I am not sure
> I am asking instead of just doing it :)

In all honesty, our IP log won't come out of bugzilla.  We have
to pull it from Git.

I yet have to write a script to extract the relevant data out of Git
in the proper format, but will do so soon-ish, certainly before we
try to do a release.  Hopefully the script will be useful to Denis
and Wayne for other projects.

Quite frankly, Git is going to produce more accurate reporting,
and won't require us to tick those +iplog flags everywhere.
We just have to make sure we only accept patches through Gerrit,
and that the Author field is correctly populated.


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