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Re: [egit-dev] Meetings and Plans

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 3:18 PM, Shawn O. Pearce <spearce@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I don't.  I'm anti phone call.  There's a whole host of problems
> with phone calls:
> - Timezones.  Try finding a proper time for EU vs. US contributors
>  and its a real pain.

It is a pain, but manageable, lots of Eclipse projects are in this situation.

> - No records.  There's no automatic transcription or archiving.
>  Email and or IRC can be trivially logged and archived for everyone
>  to reference.
> - Less open.  From the perspective of those *not* on the call,
>  the project is more closed if they can't hear the complete call
>  as it originally happened.

There is no automatic transcription, but that's why you have meeting minutes:

>  IMHO, if you are going to say something about an open source
>  project, say it in a public forum where full archiving and text
>  indexing is available so everyone can read what has transpired in
>  the past, no matter what their relationship with the project is.
>  If you can't say it in the public with that sort of permanence
>  of record, don't say it.
> - More time consuming.  Its hard enough for me to keep my current
>  schedule.  Having to block off a specific time slice every week
>  for task X makes my calendar swiss cheese and very difficult to
>  keep track of.  To combat that, I actively avoid meetings of any
>  kind, even at work with co-workers.  If you can't do it by email,
>  maybe it doesn't have to be done.

Sure, meetings are time consuming but they are important.

Having a short 15-30 minute call shouldn't be that bad, but I'll see
what others think.

I know the SAP folks were looking for ways to have discussions.

> This is a good idea.  I did try to start a 0.6 plan document:
> But this is stored in our project CVS and thus not easily editable
> by our non-committers.

Cool! The document in CVS is the committer's responsibility to put
together, however this is something we can do at the end of the
release. I like the wiki approach better, but each to his own.


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