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Re: [egit-dev] Meetings and Plans

Chris Aniszczyk <zx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey guys, I had the pleasure of meeting some EGit committers and
> contributors at Eclipse Summit Europe last week.

Yay for face-to-face events.  :-)
> A couple things we should think about:
>     - I recommend having a short weekly call to sync up. The Eclipse
> Foundation has a conference line we can use.

I don't.  I'm anti phone call.  There's a whole host of problems
with phone calls:

- Timezones.  Try finding a proper time for EU vs. US contributors
  and its a real pain.

- No records.  There's no automatic transcription or archiving.
  Email and or IRC can be trivially logged and archived for everyone
  to reference.

- Less open.  From the perspective of those *not* on the call,
  the project is more closed if they can't hear the complete call
  as it originally happened.

  IMHO, if you are going to say something about an open source
  project, say it in a public forum where full archiving and text
  indexing is available so everyone can read what has transpired in
  the past, no matter what their relationship with the project is.
  If you can't say it in the public with that sort of permanence
  of record, don't say it.

- More time consuming.  Its hard enough for me to keep my current
  schedule.  Having to block off a specific time slice every week
  for task X makes my calendar swiss cheese and very difficult to
  keep track of.  To combat that, I actively avoid meetings of any
  kind, even at work with co-workers.  If you can't do it by email,
  maybe it doesn't have to be done.

IMHO, to discuss something, start a mailing list thread.  Or, start
a wiki page, and start a thread on the mailing list to let folks
know they should start participating on that particular portion of
the wiki.

>     - Come up with a rudimentary plan, I started a rough sketch on the wiki
>          - (for a sample
> plan, see

This is a good idea.  I did try to start a 0.6 plan document:

But this is stored in our project CVS and thus not easily editable
by our non-committers.

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