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[egit-dev] [RFC] Sharing a project located in a directory inside other git repository


I posted [1] a final patch which finally allows to share a project when
it's located in a directory inside other git repository [2].

Now the 'master' branch in this part is broken due to a fixed bug [3] in
RepositoryFinder's logic when it never searched parent directories for a
git repositories. As a result RepositoryFinder's consumers
(org.eclipse.egit.core.op.ConnectProviderOperation and
org.eclipse.egit.ui.internal.sharing.ExistingOrNewPage) never expected a
number of availbale repositories to be greater than 1...

Another problem: user in the wizard selects some folder where he would
like a git repository to be created and... we never use this
selection. ConnectProviderOperation just used RepositoryFinder to find
one and only one repository. This fixed too.

I'm looking forward for your feedback.



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