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Re: [egit-dev] Using EGit to Push to Gerrit

Marek Zawirski <marek.zawirski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Shawn O. Pearce wrote:
>> Also, under SSH we may have messages coming back over the stderr
>> channel.  Those messages may contain additional detail about why
>> a rejection occurred.  IIRC right now those are discarded.
> (...)
> Oops, quite frankly I did not realize that stderr is used for that  
> purpose there. Do these error messages conform to some specific format  
> that both sides rely on?

No, the stderr channel is completely free-form text.  There is no
standard here.

We *might* be able to assume that stderr doesn't use "\r" to reset
to the left margin and update the current line, but IMHO a proper
stderr viewer would understand the carriage return and redraw
the line.  git-gui for example does this when you push, its little
popup console window tries its best to emulate the behavior of \r
and \n in a normal tty.

> In the worst case, I think when merge&pull will be implemented  in jgit  
> it would be good opportunity to change that GUI.

Agreed.  Merge is one of the major features we need to get
implemented.  It might be better to invest our currently limited
developer resources on that.


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