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Re: [egit-dev] Using EGit to Push to Gerrit

Shawn O. Pearce wrote:
Marek Zawirski <marek.zawirski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Shawn Pearce wrote:
When they don't match Gerrit returns the status code "remote
rejected", but it also includes a message "you are not
blah@xxxxxxxxxxx".  Unfortunately EGit hid that message and only
showed the status code, when really the message was much more useful.
The message was hidden but still available. Perhaps it proves that UI is bad at this, and we should encourage user somehow to have a look at tooltip for explanations or display message inline?

We need to display the message inline, we cannot hide the error
detail under a tooltip or popup dialog over the current dialog.

Ok, that's easy to fix.

Also, under SSH we may have messages coming back over the stderr
channel.  Those messages may contain additional detail about why
a rejection occurred.  IIRC right now those are discarded.

Oops, quite frankly I did not realize that stderr is used for that purpose there. Do these error messages conform to some specific format that both sides rely on?

So, basically, we need to rethink this UI.

I actually want to move that result data out of a dialog and put
it into a view that you can dock in the workspace.  That way any
messages returned are visible and can be referenced while working to
fix problems they report.  E.g. imagine the server greps your commits
looking for cuss words and tells you to remove them.  You might want
the output to help you track down the locations it complained about.
If that is in a modal dialog, you can't do it.

Actually, very late in your GSoC project I realized I wanted this
in a view, but you already had about half of it in the dialog and
we were running out of time.  Rather than make you redo it all and
possibly miss the deadline, I accepted the dialog...

Yes, I remember that discussion, I agree it was our oversight/not the best decision to make it as a dialog. Most probably I won't find time right now to rewrite this stuff as a View. Despite result dialog is not so big piece of code, if somebody is interested. In the worst case, I think when merge&pull will be implemented in jgit it would be good opportunity to change that GUI.


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