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Re: [egit-dev] Problem on cloning EGit

"Baumgart, Jens" <jens.baumgart@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I tried to glone the egit repository (using MSysGit) and got the error below ("unable to unlink...").
> Afterwards git.exe crashed.
> $ git clone
> walk a30dcde116b3524a98cd9360b9bb6538b89faaa9
> Getting pack 1f2be065da1ecc04eeb26e377c7c2b75a8a1a1f0
>  which contains 581e2e9db6e76af012b2a05540d8850adfc6a285
> warning: unable to unlink c:/Git/egit/parallelip-egit/.git/objects/a4/18d9d8adff
> dafd9e5c6c71a3bea79ff755e179.temp: Permission denied

Bug in MSysGit?  I was able to clone this fine with current git on
Linux.  What is odd is the error.  That object file a418d9 is not
on the server in loose form, I guess the version you have created
the temporary file before requesting it from the server and now
wants to delete it since the file does not exist on the server,
but the delete failed, possibly because the file was still open.

Might be better to ask on the git or MSysGit mailing list, seems
to be an issue with that and not our repository.


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