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[egit-dev] Problem on cloning EGit


I tried to glone the egit repository (using MSysGit) and got the error below ("unable to unlink...").
Afterwards git.exe crashed.
What went wrong?



$ git clone

walk a30dcde116b3524a98cd9360b9bb6538b89faaa9
Getting pack 1f2be065da1ecc04eeb26e377c7c2b75a8a1a1f0
 which contains 581e2e9db6e76af012b2a05540d8850adfc6a285
warning: unable to unlink c:/Git/egit/parallelip-egit/.git/objects/a4/18d9d8adff
dafd9e5c6c71a3bea79ff755e179.temp: Permission denied

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