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Re: [egit-dev] latest commits do not show up after cloning parallelip-egit.git

"Lay, Stefan" <stefan.lay@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I opened;a=summary and
> used the URL from
> this site to clone the repository. I only get the first two commits,
> the latest one is 025d26216af17edb60c40e2046d30d4d9cc6571c. However,
> on the web page I saw 6 more commits. I'm missing for example commit
> dde9bbaf73075825611601f2f741ec16e68cf08e.


The dumb HTTP transport requires we execute git update-server-info
on the remote server, unfortunately Gerrit Code Review does not do
this when it updates the repository.  Thus the dumb transport data
is out of date.

I'll try to fix it this morning.


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