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Re: [egit-dev] Canonical Git URL and consolidating wiki refrences, locations, update sites etc.

Alex Blewitt <alex.blewitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There seems to be plenty of Git repositories around the globe for EGit  
> and JGit. Can we get a definitive answer on which one to use at the  
> Eclipse Wiki page? I checked out the repo mentioned at 
> recently, only to find that that hasn't had the 
> rename of packages for the JGit stuff.

Robin Rosenberg is the only person with write access to,
we need to wait for him to update that page.

> For example, suggests "The most accurate information 
> on JGit/EGit can be found on a Git wiki page." which points to 

This page can be edited by anyone.  Please feel free to start
making changes to it to point at the Eclipse project.  Actually,
that content should be scanned and anything relevant should move
to the Eclipse based wiki for EGit.

> That in turn references 
> git://, which is also echoed by 

I just gave you admin rights here, please feel free to edit this
page to start pointing users to our Eclipse site.

> and suggests git clone 
> git:// and git clone git://
> I've checked those out, but the JGit hasn't had the org.eclipse rename  
> on master yet. Is that expected? For whatever reason, I thought that the 
> rename had gone through for the JGit stuff.

The history was rewritten.  I didn't want to force a reset of
the master branch to the new history where the rename took place.
Instead there is a and branch in
this repository which has the rename and new history, respectively.

These two repositories are going to exist, but should remain
unchanged from now on.  They are now here only to host the prior
history of the project, as the Eclipse Foundation won't let us
bring our history with us.

> Then there's also the parallel IP repositories:
> $ git clone
> $ git clone

This is in my mind the current and future state of the project.
New patches are being applied here, and only here.  Anyone working
on either EGit or JGit should be targeting these projects.

> Lastly, what can I do to help consolidate the info on,  
> and to have some kind of unified  
> documentation front on I feel we need to improve this to  
> encourage adoptions from outside in order to help them get started  
> (rather than the 'insider knowledge' of which to use at the moment), send suggestioned edits and CC robin so he can apply them. is public editable wiki, edit as you see fit., i just gave you edit access, edit as you see fit.


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