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[egit-dev] Canonical Git URL and consolidating wiki refrences, locations, update sites etc.

There seems to be plenty of Git repositories around the globe for EGit and JGit. Can we get a definitive answer on which one to use at the Eclipse Wiki page? I checked out the repo mentioned at recently, only to find that that hasn't had the rename of packages for the JGit stuff.

For example, suggests "The most accurate information on JGit/EGit can be found on a Git wiki page." which points to That in turn references git://, which is also echoed by  and suggests git clone git:// and git clone git://

I've checked those out, but the JGit hasn't had the org.eclipse rename on master yet. Is that expected? For whatever reason, I thought that the rename had gone through for the JGit stuff. 

Then there's also the parallel IP repositories:

I note that these have the org.eclipse.jgit renames going on. Should I be targetting any patches against these instead?

Lastly, what can I do to help consolidate the info on, and to have some kind of unified documentation front on I feel we need to improve this to encourage adoptions from outside in order to help them get started (rather than the 'insider knowledge' of which to use at the moment)


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