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[ee4j-pmc] Committer Election for Gavin King on Jakarta Data has started

A committer election for Gavin King on project Jakarta Data ( was
started by Otavio Santana with this criteria:

I propose Gavin King as a committer for the Jakarta Data project. Gavin has
played a pivotal role in shaping the specification, actively raising issues,
and providing valuable feedback. His deep understanding of the Jakarta Data
API, demonstrated through thoughtful engagement, positions him as a valuable
asset to the project.

Gavin's leadership in the Hibernate project, the leading ORM in the Java
world, underscores his expertise in relational databases. This experience
uniquely qualifies him to contribute valuable insights to the Jakarta Data
project, ensuring alignment with industry best practices.

Notably, Gavin goes beyond commentary, actively contributing fixes and
improvements to the specification. His dedication is evident in his hands-on
approach to enhancing the project.

In summary, Gavin King's multifaceted contributions, spanning insightful
feedback, ORM leadership, and direct involvement in spec improvements, make
him an excellent candidate for committership. I urge the community to support
Gavin's nomination for the benefit of the Jakarta Data project.

Jakarta Data project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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