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[ee4j-pmc] Project Lead election for David Matějček on Eclipse GlassFish®

A project lead election for David Matějček on project Eclipse GlassFish®
(ee4j.glassfish) was started by Alexander Pinchuk with this criteria:

David Matějček is a long-time the Eclipse GlassFish® committer and has
already made a significant impact on the project.

Here list of contributions:

David made and supported many important architectural decisions that affected
the overall maintainability and usability of the Eclipse GlassFish® project.

He also working on any project related to the Eclipse GlassFish® project
when Eclipse GlassFish® depends on it.

... and many others...

David actively communicating with the community of committers, contributors
and users, providing all possible assistance.

It is my pleasure to nominate David Matějček as a Project Lead, because he
is among the main driving forces behind the  Eclipse GlassFish® revival.

Eclipse GlassFish® project committers can click the election link below to



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