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Re: [ee4j-pmc] PMC Minutes

I second that. Oracle simply chose the EF due to the similarities, and those
similarities are exactly what volunteers didn't like back then and don't
like now.

Thank you for inviting me to serve at the board. But to make clear one
point: I don't want to change the EF itself, or any non-EE4J-projects. I
only want to change the governance model of EE4J. My intention is that the
EF allows EE4J to work more open than the rest of the EF. If that needs a
change of the whole EF, ok, maybe then I (or an organization I am port of)
should serve in the board. In fact, I hoped that the EF simply could be more
relaxed wrt open management of EE4J. Let's discuss that at EclipseCon
Europe, I think we will see us there.

Until then, maybe the EF could simply use the most relaxes interpretation of
the existing rules. That already would help a lot!


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On 5/19/18 2:17 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
> I would also point out that the governance models and processes that 
> exist at the Eclipse Foundation are a very large part of why Jakarta 
> EE came to us in the first place. We were selected after a careful 
> evaluation of the alternatives.
Not taking sides here, but mentioning in passing that the company that
selected EF was, in fact, a " vendor...", so EF may have been
chosen because its structures looked most familiar. One could point out that
Oracle has not always had the best track record in terms of dealing with
open-source communities, as witnesseth Hudson/Jenkins, MySQL/MariaDB, and

That said, it will take time for all parties to get adjusted to each other,
so hopefully everyone will give this a fair chance and get on with things.

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