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Re: [ee4j-pmc] PMC Minutes

On 5/19/18 2:17 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:

I would also point out that the governance models and processes that exist at the Eclipse Foundation are a very large part of why Jakarta EE came to us in the first place. We were selected after a careful evaluation of the alternatives.

Not taking sides here, but mentioning in passing that the company that selected EF was, in fact, a " vendor...", so EF may have been chosen because its structures looked most familiar. One could point out that Oracle has not always had the best track record in terms of dealing with open-source communities, as witnesseth Hudson/Jenkins, MySQL/MariaDB, and others.

That said, it will take time for all parties to get adjusted to each other, so hopefully everyone will give this a fair chance and get on with things.

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