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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Project/Specification dependencies

Wayne Beaton wrote on 05/17/2018 06:00 PM:
GlassFish absolutely needs the artifacts produced by the API projects; it won't function without them.

I understand. But I don't think that having the diagram indicate that GlassFish implements all of the specifications is useful. Like I said earlier, it's not clear to me that expressing the that Jakarta EE references all of the specifications, while true, is all that useful on the diagram.

GlassFish does implement JPA, but it implements JPA by way of consuming EclipseLink. This is the interesting relationship IMHO, as it describes the relationships between the projects and makes it clear that GlassFish doesn't implement that particular specification directly. 

Again, I'm pretty sure that GlassFish does implement EJB. IMHO, by saying GlassFish consumes EclipseLink, but implements EJB gives me more information about where to look for stuff.
I understand.  I just wanted to make sure we all agreed on what this picture is trying to capture.  I updated it with this in mind.  If you want to remove Jakarta EE, that's fine with me.

I'll take a look at the pull request.


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