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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Project/Specification dependencies

Wayne Beaton wrote on 05/16/2018 03:55 PM:
I think of the "consumes" relationship as meaning "consumes an implementation".
Ok, so even though GlassFish consumes all the API projects, you only want to indicate the separate implementation projects that it consumes?

So... EclipseLink implements the JPA specification and Eclipse GlassFish consumes EclipseLink. I believe that Eclipse GlassFish implements some specs itself (EJB?) and consumes implementations provided by others. Assuming this relationship is correct, Eclipse GlassFish has no direct relationship with JPA (though I could argue this either way; this is very much a choice between creating a meaningful chart and one that's overly pedantic).
GlassFish absolutely needs the artifacts produced by the API projects; it won't function without them.

The relationships from Eclipse GlassFish, I believe, are actually the most interesting ones.

If anything, we can eliminate the references implementation from the Jakarta EE Platform project as it references everything, and so isn't all that interesting on this chart. 

FWIW, it's pretty simple to just eliminate that project and references from the dot file and render the chart without it:

grep -v jakartaee | dot -Tsvg > ~/chart.svg

Does this make sense?
I'm going to leave all this in for my pull request, but I'd like to hear from others as to whether any of these relationships should be removed to make the picture more useful.

Also, there's a bunch of optional dependencies that aren't captured.  For example, JTA has an optional dependency on Interceptors and CDI.

And a bunch of specs use Common Annotations, but I'm not completely clear on which cases are hard dependencies and which are optional.  Likely there are some hard dependencies on Common Annotations that are missing.

I submitted a pull request.  I'm sure it's still not completely correct.

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