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[ee4j-pmc] Short names and URLs

We have a notion of a "short name" for Eclipse projects that is, effectively, the machine or technical name for the project. The short name is used in website URLs (e.g. or 

The project's full id is the id of the parent project with the short name appended (e.g. tools.buildship). The full id is used in the "project info" page (e.g. and when interacting with the Eclipse IP Team. 

We also also use the short name as a repository prefix. So, we'll have paths like:

As with project names, my understanding is that we have to be sensitive to trademarks in URLs. In places where the short name will not otherwise be qualified, we'll prepend "ee4j-" to the short name.

e.g. Eclipse Project for JMS will have the short name "jms" and id "ee4j.jms". The custom website URL will be:

I'm concerned that this makes the URL way less obvious (i.e. hard to guess) than I'd like. Most people, however, will probably be looking for the Git repo, and--of course--search will work.

But we'll keep the other URLs as sane as we can. 


Does this make sense?


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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