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Re: [ee4j-pmc] Repositories

Kevin Sutter wrote on 12/13/17 01:35 PM:
Just to be clear...  Would the github repositories have this naming convention?

I think that's the requirement from Eclipse is to be within their namespace.  Just checking if that's the case.
I believe they created a new github namespace for this - eclipse-ee4j.

And, I don't remember...  What about the TCKs?  We're not transferring them yet?  I would assume that if we did, then we would follow the same convention?

I've said this a few times but I guess it's not sinking in...  :-)

With a very few exceptions, all of the TCKs are part of the single CTS repository.  We'll transfer that single CTS repository when it's ready.  It will then be up to the EE4J community to do the work to separate the individual TCKs out of that repository and into their own repositories.  This is not a trivial task.

If/when that work is done, the TCKs could be in repositories using the naming convention you suggest above.

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