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[ee4j-pmc] Private channel for PMC discussions

The Eclipse Architecture Council is responsible for the management and interpretation of the Eclipse Development Process.

I put the question of a private channel to them via Bugzilla record.

I'd hardly call the response so far as concensus, but it doesn't seem to be going our way :-)

If anybody cares to weigh in, please do.

We really don't have any notion of private communication channels for open source project related work. Working Groups can and do have private channels, but Working Groups tend to operate at arms length from their projects and discussing project-level issues is a bit of grey area.

Note that the EE4J Top Level Project is entitled to appoint a represenative to the Eclipse Architecture Council. Having a representative will give EE4J a voice with regard to future updates to the Eclipse Development Process and give us somebody (other than me) who can be an obvious mentor for new projects. 

Admittedly, while the Architecture Council's mandate is cross project, much of the discussion that occurs on the monthly calls focuses around Eclipse IDE issues. Having a strong voice from EE4J would be helpful in focusing discussion on areas of more general concern. 


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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