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[ee4j-pmc] Minutes PMC Meeting #1

Date: 2017-12-05

- Ivar Grimstad
- Wayne Beaton
- David Blevins
- Steve Millidge
- Dmitry Kornilov
- Mark Little
- Ian Skerrett

== Agenda Items

=== Logistics
- Discussed how this is normally done in other Eclipse projects.
- Discussed the need for a private channel for the PMC to discuss sensitive issues
- Decided to schedule monthly meetings for the EE4J PMC Tuesdays at 17:00 CETÂ
- Minutes from PMC meetings to be published on the ee4j-pmc mailing listÂÂ

=== Brand NameÂ
- List of suggestions from GitHub issue: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TtHmES6nwY3ikIP4LWbs1SRsXFHdEVPtBO3E75nzjK4/edit#gid=0Â
- Every PMC member picks 5 favourites each from the list. By Thursday Dec 12.
- Consolidate the top five to a short list in a document for how the names can be usedÂ
- Keep private until names is ready to be voted for by the communityÂ
- Check for trademark issues
- Progess in the process must be communicated to the community as soon as possible
- Goal to open the vote by Dec 15, run for a month until Jan 15
- Promote both initially as well as after New Year
- *Item to be revisited next PMC meeting*

=== Project Names
- Project Proposals: https://projects.eclipse.org/proposals/Â Â
- Discussed the proposed naming of the project proposals
- The current suggestion is that API/spec projects should be called something like
Eclipse project for "Old name", e.g. Eclipse project for JMS, Eclipse project for JPA etc.
These projects contain the API, Interfaces and TCK
- The Reference implementations exist as a separate projects, such as Eclipse Moharra, Eclipse Jersey
- There may be JSRs that initially contain the RI as well, with the intention to split out as
separate projects later. E.g. JSON-B
- *Item to be revisited next PMC meeting*

=== Initial Committers
- Lists of suggestions are created
- Will continue to add to this list until the projects are ready to go.
- This also applies to selecting project Leads
- *Item to be revisited next PMC meeting*

=== Next Meeting
- The EE4J will meet again next week

Java Champion, JCP EC/EG Member, EE4J PMC, JUG Leader