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Re: [ee4j-community] Status of JPA migration


On 4/7/18 11:13 AM, Jens Schauder wrote:

I find it confusing that the status page doesn't mention JPA. It has a row for EclipseLink, but that is AFAIK only the reference implementation.

AFAIK in case of JPA there has been no standalone spec-provided API for quite long time with reasoning behind that that "the API is implementation specific and should be provided by vendors/spec implementations" - in case of EclipseLink the repo with API is one of the repositories managed by eclipselink project.

Or is the specification and the TCK now part of EclipseLink?

I believe that it has been clearly communicated by others that specs and TCK's as such are being/will be handled separately; these have never been part of EclipseLink, nor managed by it.


Could someone shed some light on this?


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