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Re: [ee4j-community] Community Control was Jakarta EE logo selection

On 2018-04-03 9:35 AM, Werner Keil wrote:
Looking at EclipseCon France talks, you may also be affiliated or officially representing Cybercom now rather than a non-paying Individual?

Based on a more corporate nature of Eclipse Foundation and its reliance on donations also to particular projects and efforts (like Jakarta EE) that sounds logical. 
Only 2 or 3 primary speakers are not affiliated with a company which also doesn't quite speak against the worries by Markus and other members of the community regarding a pay-to-play (or pay-to-speak in case of conferences) mentality.

Of two proposals I was involved, the one Otavio (affiliated with Tomitribe his contributions also show Tomitribe as the contributing company) filed as primary speaker is at least still on "standby" while the one I proposed as Individual primary speaker was turned down.

Interestingly no dedicated Health or Metrics topic made it into the program at all, but had e.g. Red Hat proposed one, I guess they may have had better luck.


All Eclipse Foundation conferences have independent Program Committees that are separate from the operations of the Eclipse Foundation. Their decisions about which talks are included in each conference are unrelated to any membership status. Where we have talks from our conference sponsors, they are clearly identified as such in the program.

Mike Milinkovich
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