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Re: [ee4j-community] Introduction


I’m just about to start a course on Web Services next week so your invitation has come at an excellent time as REST is on my mind. I’d be happy to contribute in some small way JAX-RS. I look forward to hearing how I can help.

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as a JAX-RS API committer, I would like to invite you to join the JAX-RS API project. I think it would be a good thing to have an academic view on RESTful web services getting mixed into our project.




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Hi everyone,


My name is Ken Fogel and I have been teaching Java EE since 2002. While I have been content all these years to sit on the sidelines I thought that the time had come to get involved, especially now that EE is part of the Eclipse Foundation. Please let me know where I could be of the most use to this project. You can also see my thoughts on what is happening with EE at .


Regards to everyone and follow me on twitter at @omniprof,


Ken Fogel



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