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Re: [ee4j-community] Jakarta EE logo selection process - next steps


I feel conflicted because one hand some of my favorite logos (other than my own) were selected, so good job to marketing on that.  On the other hand, the decision was made unilaterally by a handful of members of an organization that is supposed to be representing the best interests of the entire community.  This logo, no matter what it is, will be with us in one form or another for the next two decades or more.  Yet the selection was made without seriously acknowledging complaints about the process or considering the needs or preferences of the community that Eclipse serves.  Not everything can be done democratically, I get that, but to simply say “these are your choices take or leave it” without any justification as to why other logos were rejected is wrong.  

Your selection should be based on legal limitations and nothing else.  You are not supposed to be putting your personal, subjective opinions over the opinion of this community.  It shows a lack of respect for the community.  You believe that your own personal preferences are superior to the community as a whole.  That’s the beginning and the end of it. It is insulting.


On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 10:56 AM Paul White <paul.white@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have now closed the submission process.  

Thank you for the many proposed logos, and associated comments.  The contributions have been very useful.

As described earlier in the process, the next steps are the following:

  • The Eclipse Foundation has narrowed the list of submitted logos to a much shorter list of candidate logos, based on the criteria laid out in the design brief.  In the interest of disclosure, this list of candidate logos is attached.

  • We are not soliciting input on this shorter list.  Rather, the next step is for the Eclipse Foundation to trim this list to a much shorter list of final candidate logos.  This process will be driven by the Foundation’s marketing team, based on their experience and the intended objectives of the logo, as well as a much deeper dive into legal and other related issues.  We thank you for your trust in us doing this in the best interest of the Jakarta EE community. 

    >From this process, the list of candidate logos will be trimmed to 2-4 final candidate logos.  We are targeting completing this process by mid-next week.

  • We will hold a community vote to determine which of these final candidate logos should be the chosen logo.  

  • Once the community vote is completed, the Foundation will take final steps to adopt the logo, and make an announcement to the community.

Again, thank you to all for the input thus far, and we look forward to your input during the community vote.  


Paul White
+1.613.852.4303 (mobile)

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