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Re: [ee4j-community] [eclipse.org-membership-at-large] Proposed EE.next Working Group

This will not change the fact that committers have less votes than industry.

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On 2018-02-06 12:07 PM, Werner Keil wrote:
> https://www.eclipse.org/membership/exploreMembership.php#tab-associate
> shows, LJC, SouJava and other not-for-profit organizations like the 
> Meruvian Foundation by the late Frans Thamura are Associate Members 
> and even they (not to mention Individuals unless they pay at least 
> 1500$ to become a Solutions Member) would be prohibited.

We will discuss the idea of including JUGs. I've seen first hand what a
force for good LJC and SouJava have been on the JCP.

Individuals can participate at no cost if they are committers. Note that we
anticipate that the individuals involved in working on a spec will all be
committers on that spec project. So if you're on the future equivalent of an
expert group, you will be able to participate in EE.next as a committer

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