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Re: [ee4j-community] Oracle Java EE8 Issue Tracker Abandonment

I actually plan to create just such a thing, but not just for me individually. Instead I prefer we do this together as a community in the Java EE Guardians. It needs to be part of a broader discussion of how to align with EE4J. A small part of that discussion is my role in the Java EE Guardians.

I hope to get these conversations started and achieve consensus by the beginning of January at the latest. The first priority I am actively working on right now is a joint open letter on branding, packaging and JCP alignment.

There is nothing saying you should wait for any of that. As long as you have bandwidth, I encourage you to move full steam ahead with EE4J.

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can you please list the projects you want to contribute to, and a short (few words) reason for being added (like "Expert Group Member" or "JUG Leader" or whatever)? I will forward to my "uplinks"; maybe this speeds up things.




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Thanks for sharing this.


Is it an honest position to say the listed committers and especially leads are committing to moving the underlying technology forward? The reason I ask is that I asked to be added as a committer myself but the honest reality is that I have nowhere near the bandwidth at the moment to make major contributions. It particularly raises an eyebrow that there is a very high degree of overlap with people across projects.


That said, the fact that there are leads and committers listed is helpful regardless.


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You can follow project activity for all Eclipse projects here: https://www.eclipse.org/projects/project_activity.php




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be assured, behind the scenes people do work on the migration. At least I do know that for some of the projects, in particular Jersey. A first bunch of projects is currently in progress, other bunches will follow. But yes, certainly it would be really great to have a weekly updated web site showing the content that is currently moved and the particular progress (like "Jersey: xx%") so this is publicly trackable. I CC'ed PMC head Ivar Grimstad about this, maybe he can trigger the Eclipse Foundation to set up such a web site?





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Subject: Re: [ee4j-community] Oracle Java EE8 Issue Tracker Abandonment


This is a very real concern for many customers. We heard the same concern at JavaOne during EE4J discussions. As I have said for a while now, the best way to address this is a realistic roadmap for EE4J including some kind of commitment, hopefully including from Oracle, as to who is taking ownership of moving which Java EE specification forward. Simply continuing to say it will take time to figure out risks people continuing to worry more and more about the future of Java EE.


At least a simple list of who wants to move which specification forward should not be so hard for a technology and market as mature as Java EE.

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On Dec 2, 2017, at 1:20 PM, Eric Taylor <etay5995@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Does anyone want to address the issue of the abandonment of the Issue Trackers for major EE8 specifications? Specifically the Jersey and Yasson issue trackers seem to be dead or dying. I briefly corresponded with Dmitry Kornilov regarding the state of the Jersey issue tracker, and essentially he told me that most of the original employee developers are no longer contributing or even working at Oracle any more. He told me he was working on finding new developers, but this was over a month ago and frankly I have begun to think that Java EE8 is heading down the neglected path that EE7 was on. Issues are piling up and there is no communication between developers to even help facilitate patching and submitting pull requests. Does Oracle have any responsibility left in this, or have they just dumped Java EE8 in the Eclipse Foundation's hands and said "Good luck!"?


Is there a central point of contact regarding EE8 or is communication fragmented across each specification? Should I abandon server side Java and just start using server side _javascript_ (node.js)? Just kidding on the last part. ;)




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