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[ee4j-community] Initial Committer Lists & Project Meritocracy


I want to raise a comment on one of the proposals to this group, to make sure its not lost and see if PMC members or other committers have any comments on it.

Mark Thomas raised a comment about Initial Committers, and how they seem to be missing some Expert Group members:Âhttps://projects.eclipse.org/comment/252#comment-252

I'm wondering, as well, are expert group members encouraged to sign up? Should they be explicitly solicited to join the projects?

Likewise, for the RI projects, how are the initial committers gathered? As a for instance, if I compare the OpenMQ contributor list and initial committers:


They seem to be misaligned. In other organizations, I recommend new projects to limit initial committers to those who are actively working on the project, and work on community building to add potential new contributors to the project after the fact; typically after they've established a level of meritocracy on the project.