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Re: [ee4j-community] Oracle Java EE8 Issue Tracker Abandonment



please do not abandon server-side Java. ;-)


The transition of Jersey (and a lot more projects) from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation is in progress. As you could imagine, this involves a lot of organizational issues. So this will take a while. Stay tuned, everything will be fine in the end. :-)





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Subject: [ee4j-community] Oracle Java EE8 Issue Tracker Abandonment


Does anyone want to address the issue of the abandonment of the Issue Trackers for major EE8 specifications? Specifically the Jersey and Yasson issue trackers seem to be dead or dying. I briefly corresponded with Dmitry Kornilov regarding the state of the Jersey issue tracker, and essentially he told me that most of the original employee developers are no longer contributing or even working at Oracle any more. He told me he was working on finding new developers, but this was over a month ago and frankly I have begun to think that Java EE8 is heading down the neglected path that EE7 was on. Issues are piling up and there is no communication between developers to even help facilitate patching and submitting pull requests. Does Oracle have any responsibility left in this, or have they just dumped Java EE8 in the Eclipse Foundation's hands and said "Good luck!"?


Is there a central point of contact regarding EE8 or is communication fragmented across each specification? Should I abandon server side Java and just start using server side _javascript_ (node.js)? Just kidding on the last part. ;)