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Re: [ee4j-community] Eclipse Jetty and EE4J

On 2017-10-14 8:49 AM, David Heffelfinger wrote:
I have to admit, not having an RI never even crossed my mind, I suppose I'm too used to "that's just the way things are", interesting how this list opens the mind to new possibilities.

Having said that, I think that at least in the beginning, we should still have an RI, we are going through enough changes with the move to Eclipse, too many variables and things changing. Most members of the Java EE community are used to having an RI, continuing this for the time being would provide some sense of continuity during the transition.

Yes. I would like to remind everyone that one of the stated goals from Oracle is to first build a compatible EE4J implementation that passes existing Java EE 8 TCKs. Once that baseline is established, we can move on to other models.

I'm open to the possibility of removing RI's in the future, if it makes sense.

Me too :)

Mike Milinkovich
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