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Re: [eclipselink-users] Still getting wrong generated queries with 2.7.8 regarding @ReturnUpdate

På onsdag 10. februar 2021 kl. 17:54:16, skrev William Dazey <dazeydev.3@xxxxxxxxx>:
Can you provide information on what EclipseLink bug was supposed to fix this issue? Searching around in the bug tracker (, I don't see anything that looks like it matches what your mentioning.
Well, it started with my "complaint" about a bug in 2.7.7:
Then this email:
referenced this bug:
which I thought would fix the issue. I've been nagging about a new release (2.7.8) ever since... Now that I've learned that it's been released quite a while ago I was first happy, then sad to se the bug (or a variant of it) still persists, at least I get similar wrong queries generated with 2.7.8, but with the @ReturnUpdate-annotation.
Is this a known issue or shall I file a new bug?
It's quite a deal-breaker for us as it prevents us from using JDK-15...
Andreas Joseph Krogh
CTO / Partner - Visena AS
Mobile: +47 909 56 963

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