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Re: [eclipselink-users] Problem with container-based transactions

Please include your persistence.xml.

Also enable logging to determine what is occurring.

roneypc wrote:
> Hi..!
> I'm working with weblogic 10.3.3 and I have the Ellen's problem. I've had
> configured the persistence.xml adding:
> <property name="" value="WebLogic_10"/>
> but nothing happen. I still can't save in the database. I've even added:
> <property name="" value="Oracle"/>, but
> nothing.
> Please, do you have any idea?
> Regards,
> Roberto.
> _______________
> tware wrote:
>> Hi Ellen,
>>    There are a number of ways TopLink Essentials is automatically
>> integrated 
>> into GlassFish/SunAS.  We are hoping that in future versions of GlassFish
>> we can 
>> arrange for similar automatic integrations.  In the meantime, as you can
>> see, 
>> there are a few settings required.
>>    Try adding the following property to your persistence unit and let me
>> know 
>> what your results are:
>> <property name="" value="SunAS9"/>
>>    Hopefully the addition of that property will allow EclipseLink to
>> properly 
>> access the GlassFish transaction mechanism.
>> Thanks for your patience,
>> Tom
>> Ellen Kraffmiller wrote:
>>> Hi Tom,
>>> I've done some further testing, and have run into other problems 
>>> concerning transactions.  When I use EclipseLink in our application, we 
>>> are getting some strange behavior:
>>> 1)  When I call a session bean method does a simple update of an entity, 
>>> the method executes without any errors, but the data is not saved to the 
>>> database.  (This method works correctly when I use Toplink Essentials).  
>>> I tried adding a transaction type of REQUIRED (even though that should 
>>> be the type by default), but I still get the same behavior.
>>> 2)  I have a stateful session bean that uses an extended persistence 
>>> context to edit an entity.  When I call the method to persist the entity 
>>> (which has a transaction type of  REQUIRES_NEW) I get  
>>> javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException:  Exception Description: 
>>> No transaction is currently active (I don't get this error with Toplink 
>>> Essentials.)
>>> 3) We have some session bean methods that call em.flush() to save 
>>> changes to the database - these methods also trigger the exception 
>>> 'javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException:  Exception Description: 
>>> No transaction is currently active', even though they are in methods 
>>> that by default should be TransactionType REQUIRED, because I don't have 
>>> a specific transaction type defined on the method or the session bean.
>>> 4)  We have a session bean method that creates a new entity, then within 
>>> the same  persistence context calls another method that calls a Java 
>>> Persistance Query.  The results of  the query don't contain the new 
>>> entity just created.  This is different from the behavior in TopLink 
>>> Essentials, and from what I've read the correct behavior  is that a 
>>> Query should always return results that reflect the current state of the 
>>> persistence context, by flushing changes to the database, if necessary.
>>> Sorry if this is overloading you with information, I just wanted to let 
>>> you know what I've run into. They seem to all be related to a problem 
>>> creating the container based transaction.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ellen

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