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Re: [eclipselink-users] GFv3 + EclipseLink >=2.1.1: Remote EJB client cannot transfer JPA entities through remote session bean

We have a static weaving feature that allows you to weave the classes prior to deployment.

Xavier Callejas wrote:
On Vie 17 Dic 2010 10:46:04 Tom Ware escribió:
Try running your Disconnected remote standalone Java (EJB) client
application  with the java VM argument:


where <eclipselink.jar.location> is the path to your eclipselink jar.  This
will  enable weaving on the client side.

It worked!

I re-enabled fetchingroups in persistence.xml and still worked.

Is there another way to active weaving in the client side, other than pass -
javaagent to the jvm?

Thank you in advance!


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