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Re: [eclipselink-users] GFv3 + EclipseLink >=2.1.1: Remote EJB client cannot transfer JPA entities through remote session bean

On Vie 17 Dic 2010 10:00:44 Tom Ware escribió:
> What is the application you are serializing from?  A JPA application
> running on  glassfish?  A standalone JPA application?  How do you get your
> entity manager?

Glassfish v3
   |__ EclipseLink
   |__ My EAR
            |__ EJB module
                     |__ Session beans (facades for JPA and DTO entities)
                  ( LAN / Internet (VPN) )
   Disconnected remote standalone Java (EJB) client application
   (it is a NetBeans Platform App.).

The EJB remote client application request entities to the server, DTOs but 
some of them are pure JPA entities, this entities are binded to GUI forms, the 
users change the entity and send it back to the server.

The client use remote (interfaces) ejb session beans to request these beans to 
the server.

I do not serialize manually any entity.

The entity classes are in a separated .jar shared by the server and the 

In the server side the Entity Manager is in the EJB module, the persitence 
unit is configurated with JTA, I must list all the JPA entities in 
persistence.xml because they are in a separated .jar. The session beans 
facades are the one that make use of EntityManager.