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Re: [eclipselink-users] Dynamic FetchGroup usage

Hello, thanks for your replies Tim and James.

> Have you looked at static weaving?
I've looked into static weaving, but in Netbeans (IDE I currently use), it's
not as easy as it seems. In the first place I just want to use FetchGroups
to replace a method that will be deprecated soon, but it looks like the
solution is far too complicated for such a simple task. So, yes I could use
an ant task, but this would make the compilation process slower and I don't
think the benefits would be worth it.

> The error seems to indicate that you have the same persistence.xml...You
> should remove the src directory from your classpath...
Yes this is what I supposed was happening. Surprisingly enough when I tried
to reproduce the error this morning to get more details about the issue, the
error doesn't reproduce. I suppose that with all the changes I made to the
ant tasks to try different approaches I messed something up and my tests
with the agent option failed with the Exception I mentioned.

Now my problem is solved. Still my opinion is that the use of Fetchgroups
where once you could use partial attributes is going to cause some pain for
people like me who use Eclipselink in different environments and
configurations. I've got several projects that share a wrapper jpa library,
each of these projects run in different environments (desktop java, embedded
jetty, tomcat, glassfish...) So now to make all of them compatible with the
library I've got to change and check configurations and each time I deploy
new instances of a project, repeat all the steps again and again.

Marc Nuri
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