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Re: [eclipselink-users] Dynamic FetchGroup usage

Thanks for your reply James.

I spent a while investigating the problem and I found out that my problem
was (is) what you're saying, you need weaving enabled to be able to use
FetchGroups. By the way, that is clearly explained in the javadoc (my fault
not reading thoroughly).

The problem is that I'm not using weaving. I came to FetchGroups in first
place because of the deprecation alert in the "addPartialAttribute(...)"
method in org.​eclipse.​persistence.​queries.​ObjectLevelReadQuery. The api
clearly states the following: "Deprecated. since EclipseLink 2.1, partial
attributes replaced by fetch groups.".
The thing is that you can use partial attributes without weaving but that's
not the case with the replacement approach via FetchGroups.

So my question now is if this means that if I update to future versions of
EclipseLink I'm going to loose functionality or in the other hand there is
something else I can do (apart from enabling weaving).

To answer why I'm not using weaving: Weaving is really easy to enable, you
just have to add " -javaagent:(path to eclipselink.jar)", unfortunately in
my development environment (Netbeans), this is the exception I get when
turning on the feature:
Exception Description: Persistence unit $puName is defined in both
URL:file:/F:/$path/build/classes/ and URL:file:/F:/$path/src/. Cannot have
several persistence units with the same name loaded by the same classloader.
I've found no easy way of correcting this error and waving is not a real
priority in my projects (for now).


P.S. If anyone knows a way I can bypass any of the prior issues, help is
Marc Nuri
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