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[eclipselink-users] Problem of eclipselink upgrade (2.0.2)

Hi experts.

I have been facing EclipsLink problem as following. Any sharing is appreciate.

Because of eclipsLink upgrade, I have changed to  use a server from
WebLogic including "EclipsLin 1.2.0" to WebLogic10.3.3.0
including "EclipsLink2.0.2."

With WebLogic, our system had been worked without any problem.
However, since I have changed to WebLogic10.3.3.0 including
EclipsLink2.0.2, I got a problem as following.

As I run a program, I get three kinds of cases which comes out
randomly. (I get a different result each time)

  case 1. work normal

  case 2. error: the message said "JNDI lookup error becasue of EM is null."
    I used this code following.
     --> (EntityManager)ctx.lookup("java:comp/env/PersistenceName");

  case 3.error: the message said "NullPointerException casued at
   I used this code following.
     --> ServerSession serverSession =

 I am not sure about the cause of those problems above due to the
EclipsLink upgrade or not. Any sharing is appreciate.


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