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Re: [eclipselink-users] Override EAGER Fetch Relationships for a query

James, Thanks for your reply.

James Sutherland wrote:
> You do not need to implement anything special for FetchGroups, you just
> need to enable weaving.
If memory serves, I was getting an exception concerning lack of a
FetchGroupManager.  I'm still learning and need to do some more

James Sutherland wrote:
> The session in the Entity is transient, so does not give any remote client
> access to anything.  On the server any server code can access your
> EntityManager or DataSource directly, so I'm not sure what security you
> think you have.

As I investigated further, I did see in the debugger that calls from the
client to '_persistence_getSession() ' consistently returned null.  Just got
scared when I saw the method signature.  Also noticed the method appears on
statically woven entities regardless of whether they implemented

James Sutherland wrote:
> If you normally want 0, then just make your relationships LAZY, and that
> is what you will get.  In the places you need the relationship
> instantiated you can either join fetch the relationship, or access the
> relationship after the query to ensure it is instantiated.

EAGER is required for the vast majority of our EJB methods, perhaps 90%, and
it works perfectly under namedQuery, ad-hoc query strings and em.find(). 
Just looking to optimize the 10%, which is where our listForDepth(...)
method came from originally.

The benefits of the CriteriaAPI implementation is well worth a handful of
potential 'un-necessary' trips to the DB!

Thanks again for your help.

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