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Re: [eclipselink-users] Facing problem with Eclipse Link cache

Hi Venu,

  How is your Entity Mapped?

How does it get into the database? Are you using JPA to persist it? What does that code look like?

After you persist your object, can you see it in the database with an in your SQL console? Is all the expected data there?

  How are you querying for the object, what does that code look like?

Try setting persistence unit property, eclipselink.logging.level=FINEST. Examine the SQL that is output when you persist the object and when you query it. Is it as expected? If you run that SQL in your SQL console, does it return the values you expect?


Venu Gattineni wrote:

I am facing problem with Eclipse Link, the details are below.

I am using Eclipse Link. I have not mentioned cache properties in persistence.xml or in TOs

My database table has a primary key and 2 other columns. I created a TO correctly. When I fetch one record by passing primary key to Persistence Manager, it is returning me the expected object correctly.

But when I query the table by other column, Persistence Manager is returning record correctly. But in that object except primary key everything else is NULL.

I feel the problem is because of the default behaviour of Caching. Can you suggest me how to resolve.

Looking forward for the help.

Best Regds,



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