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Re: [eclipselink-users] How to compare entities from two different databases and replace one with the other?

There is no public API for this.  You could call down to the ObjectBuilder
and call the merge with your two objects directly.

saasira wrote:
> Thanks James for those useful tips; this API has helped me a lot.
> I think this eclipselink's change set API needs more civerage in the wiki
> so
> that other guys can benefit from it.
> It is also useful for audit logging purposes where just the changes made
> to
> the entity, but not the entire entity, needs to be logged.
> By the way, I would like know if there is any way to merge entities based
> on
> the object equality instead of the primary key equality;
> the reason being that when we compare entities from two data bases, most
> of
> the times, the primary keys (pseudo identities, usually numbers for easy
> mapping of references) will be different where as logically the entities
> are
> same based on some unique field(s).
> So, we had to selectively compare the unique fields for logical equality
> and
> then selectively copy all the fields from one entity of reference database
> to the other entity of the comparing database, carefully avoiding the copy
> of primary key. It would be very helpful, if there is any option to ask
> eclpselink to merge by logical equality rather than primary key equlity.
> Can you guys let me know if this is possible with eclipselink?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Samba
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 5:59 AM, James Sutherland
> <jamesssss@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Assuming the objects have the same primary keys, you could read from one
>> and
>> call merge() into the other.  This would merge any changes, or do nothing
>> if
>> no changes.
>> There is a compareObjects() method on AbstractSession that will compare
>> two
>> objects and return if they match.
>> If you get the UnitOfWork after merging you can get the
>> UnitOfWorkChangeSet
>> that contains the set of changes.
>> There is also a compareForChange() method on ObjectBuilder that will
>> compare
>> two objects and build an ObjectChangeSet.
>> Doing this for an entire database may take a while depending on the
>> database
>> size.  You may be better off using lower level database utilities, or
>> just
>> drop the test db, and clone the reference.
>> saasira wrote:
>> >
>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> >     I need to compare data in two databases, one a test db and the
>> other
>> > being reference db, and then patch the differences in the database that
>> is
>> > being compared from the
>> >     data in the reference db.
>> >
>> >     Can eclipselink detect changes between two entities, each loaded by
>> > a different entity manager?
>> >
>> >     Can I use the eclipselink change tracking api ( merge the
>> comparable
>> > entity with reference entity manager and then invoke UnitOfWork.
>> > getUnitOfWorkChangeSet() or
>> >     UnitOfWork.getCurrentChanges() ) for finding the differences
>> between
>> > the
>> > test entity and the reference enitity?
>> >
>> >
>> >    I'm open to any other approach that can help me achieve this; even
>> > hibernate or openjpa is also ok to me!
>> >
>> > Thanks and Regards,
>> > Samba
>> >

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