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Re: [eclipselink-users] enum as primary key

When I began our project I tried all 3 providers; EclipseLink, Hibernate and OpenJPA. In my opinion, EclipseLink was by far the easiest to get operational and I found it had the best documentation. Hibernate required some 14 libraries to be included to get things to work and even then the behavior wasn't what I expected or received from EclipseLink. OpenJPA was easier to configure than Hibernate but I actually never got it working correctly. EclipseLink worked as documented and as expected out-of-the-box. So all I can really speak to is what I have experienced with my use of EclipseLink.

As far as having the enum included in the JPA spec, I think it would clearly be a good idea. As you've already discovered, EclipseLink implements this behavior. From my perspective, I don't plan to use any other provider so its a non issue for me.

Chris Mathrusse
Sybase, Inc

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Date: 02/25/2010 03:26 PM
Subject: Re: [eclipselink-users] enum as primary key
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Hi Chris,

I do that, too.
My wish is to have this included in the JPA spec so that best
practices are portable. Currently they are't. Have you tried OpenJPA,



On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 13:33:27 -0800, you wrote:

>I'm currently using enum as a PrimaryKey in our project with EclipseLink.
>It's definition is as follows:
>   @Id @Column(
>        name       = "ID",
>        length     = 20
>    )
>    @Enumerated( EnumType.STRING )
>    private Key id;
>Then just define your enum as you would like.
>Chris Mathrusse
>Sybase, Inc
>EclipseLink User Discussions <eclipselink-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>02/25/2010 11:49 AM
>[eclipselink-users] enum as primary key
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>I am using enum as primary key in TopLink and EclipseLink.
>The JPA 2.0 specification does not include it in "2.4 Primary Keys and
>Entity Identity"
>However, DataNucleus lists it at
>, assuming in comments that it is standard JPA.
>Does enyone know of any plans or chance to include this in the
>specification because, quite honestly, it would be fairly sad not to
>support it. Enum is a basic language feature, and most applications
>would enjoy significant benefits by mapping the keys of those little
>SQL whatever-type lookup tables to enums.
>Many thanks.
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