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Re: AW: [eclipselink-users] fetching of embedded relations

Please log a bug for this issue, you should be able to traverse embedded
relationship in the fetch and batch hints.

As a workaround you could customize the JPA Query's EclipseLink
DatabaseQuery or define a named DatabaseQuery using a customizer.  The
underlying addJoinedAttribute(Expression) or
addBatchReadAttribute(Expression) API should work.

markus hahn wrote:
> Okay, there was a misunderstanding: in the example
> "this.recommendedRetailPrice.currency", recommendedRetailPrice is the
> embedded, and currency is a relation on this embedded, and this relation
> on the embedded should be fetched lazy, or explicitly configured on a
> query to be loaded, if not by a hint, then in another way.
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> You cannot make an embedded relationship lazy, not sure how you think you
> are
> configuring this?
> Embedded relationships are always fetched, as they are part of the same
> row. 
> You cannot use batch reading on an embedded relationship, for the same
> reasons.
> Are you using an EmbeddedCollection or ElementCollection?  Perhaps include
> your mappings.
> markus hahn wrote:
>> fetching of embedded relations
>> Hi folks, 
>> we try to fetch embedded relationships which are configured lazy, by
>> using
>> the batch hint, and get errors like this: 
>> Exception [EclipseLink-6142] (Eclipse Persistence Services -
>> 1.2.1.v20100114-r6267): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.QueryException 
>> Exception Description: The value this.recommendedRetailPrice.currency
>> supplied to the query hint eclipselink.batch navigated an illegal
>> relationship.  The relationship this.recommendedRetailPrice is not a
>> OneToOne or a OneToMany relationship. 
>> Which is the way to fetch embedded relationships which are configured
>> lazy? 
>> Thanks in advance, Markus 

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