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AW: [eclipselink-users] fetching of embedded relations

Okay, there was a misunderstanding: in the example "this.recommendedRetailPrice.currency", recommendedRetailPrice is the embedded, and currency is a relation on this embedded, and this relation on the embedded should be fetched lazy, or explicitly configured on a query to be loaded, if not by a hint, then in another way.

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Betreff: Re: [eclipselink-users] fetching of embedded relations

You cannot make an embedded relationship lazy, not sure how you think you are
configuring this?

Embedded relationships are always fetched, as they are part of the same row. 
You cannot use batch reading on an embedded relationship, for the same

Are you using an EmbeddedCollection or ElementCollection?  Perhaps include
your mappings.

markus hahn wrote:
> fetching of embedded relations
> Hi folks, 
> we try to fetch embedded relationships which are configured lazy, by using
> the batch hint, and get errors like this: 
> Exception [EclipseLink-6142] (Eclipse Persistence Services -
> 1.2.1.v20100114-r6267): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.QueryException 
> Exception Description: The value this.recommendedRetailPrice.currency
> supplied to the query hint eclipselink.batch navigated an illegal
> relationship.  The relationship this.recommendedRetailPrice is not a
> OneToOne or a OneToMany relationship. 
> Which is the way to fetch embedded relationships which are configured
> lazy? 
> Thanks in advance, Markus 

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